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Kentucky Civil Legal Aid Victim Services Coalition



The concept of “legal aid” is an old one in the Commonwealth. Citizens of the Bluegrass State have long recognized that court processes are a necessary part of carrying out the daily business of any community, and, while many can afford to hire an attorney to help navigate legal matters, many cannot. Having a lawyer to help address critical legal matters is not just important, it’s imperative to ensure everyone has a fair shake when it comes to justice. This is never truer than in the provision of legal assistance to victims of crime. 2019 marked a turning point for Kentucky’s four LSC-funded legal aid programs, when we banded together to form a Coalition with the purpose to transform how civil legal services are provided to victims of crime in the Commonwealth. The vision, as outlined throughout report linked below, was a better Kentucky – where victims of crime receive the supportive civil legal services they need to be made whole, to lead productive lives, and to fulfill their purpose in life above and beyond the victimization they suffered. Legal aids exist to serve. Our purpose is singular and this Coalition is dedicated to that service.

United we stand, divided we fall. Following the Commonwealth’s mantra, we stand united and ready to serve, dedicating all that we do in service together.


A. Coalition Partner Memorandum of Understanding
B. Strategic Planning Consultant Curriculum Vitae
C. Strategic Planning Committeee Member List and SWOT Analyses 
D. Strategic Planning Meeting Summaries
E. Strategic Planning Small Group Reports