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Common Questions

How can I get help from Kentucky Legal Aid?

All potential clients should call our Intake line at 270-782-5740 or 866-452-9243 to see if you qualify for our services. Intake lines are open Monday through Thursday from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM CT. We use Language Line to provide interpretation for clients in any language.

Who is eligible for services from Kentucky Legal Aid?

Eligibility depends on your income and assets and the type of problem you have. When you call Intake, you will need to provide information about your household income and the type of problem you need help with. KLA intake staff may refer you to the appropriate KLA office or to another agency or a volunteer attorney (if available) for further assistance. When referrals are made, our staff tries to make the best referral possible. However, we cannot guarantee that the agency or program you are referred to will be able to represent you.

When you call Intake you will need to have income and asset information for everyone in your household. We generally represent low-income households, but some grants allow us to represent clients outside these financial limitations (examples include housing counseling services, emergency domestic/interpersonal violence hearings, and some services for clients age 60 and over).

To make sure there is no conflict of interest, Intake staff will also ask you for information about the person, business, or agency with whom you are having a problem.

Please do not call Intake on behalf of another person.

Does Kentucky Legal Aid charge for services?

No. KLA does not charge a fee for attorney’s services to eligible clients. Clients may be asked to pay expenses such as court filing fees, service fees, and charges for obtaining medical and other records from providers.

What is the Kentucky Legal Aid service area?

Kentucky Legal Aid has offices in Bowling Green, Madisonville, Owensboro and Paducah. We serve clients with cases arising in each of the following Kentucky counties: Allen, Ballard, Barren, Butler, Caldwell, Calloway, Carlisle, Christian, Crittenden, Daviess, Edmonson, Fulton, Graves, Green, Hancock, Hart, Henderson, Hickman, Hopkins, Livingston, Logan, Lyon, Marshall, Metcalfe, McCracken, McLean, Muhlenberg, Ohio, Simpson, Taylor, Todd, Trigg, Union, Warren and Webster.

Our sister organizations serving the rest of Kentucky are: Appalachian Research & Defense Fund (AppalReD), Legal Aid of the Bluegrass, and Legal Aid Society. You can also find legal aid in your area at this website.

What does Kentucky Legal Aid not help with?

We cannot assist in any criminal cases. If you are charged with a crime, traffic violation or criminal contempt, you should ask the judge hearing your case to appoint you an attorney. We do offer assistance to people who may be eligible for criminal record expungement.

We only provide assistance in civil legal matters that meet our case acceptance priorities and do not create conflicts of interest. We do not accept personal injury cases.

While KLA works hard to help everyone who requests it, our services are limited by staff and funding availability. Please call Intake at 270-782-5740 or 866-452-9243 to discuss your particular problem. If we cannot assist you we will do our best to provide a referral.

What should I know about going to court?

Plan ahead so that you arrive on time. Treat the judge and court personnel with respect. Dress nicely, as though you are attending a house of worship or a funeral. Talk to your attorney or the Intake line about any specific questions.

What do I do if I am not satisfied with Kentucky Legal Aid?

KLA strives to provide quality assistance to as many clients as possible, in accordance with established program priorities and eligibility guidelines. If you feel your request for legal assistance has been denied improperly or if you are dissatisfied with the assistance provided, you may call our Administrative Office at (270) 782-1924 to discuss your concern.

What should I bring to my first appointment at Kentucky Legal Aid?

Please bring all of your paperwork and other materials you may have relating to your case. These may be documents you have received from the court or that relate to your legal problem (a petition, a court order, a motion, discovery requests, copies of your lease if it is a landlord problem, copies of a bill if you have a debt collection problem, etc.). Also bring copies of paycheck stubs, tax returns, or any other documentation to verify your income. Any final decision regarding our services will require verification of your financial eligibility at the time of your appointment.

Our office does not have facilities for watching children, and your appointment may take an hour or more. Therefore, please do not bring children with you unless there is no other alternative. If you must bring children, please make sure that you have one person along to watch them while you meet with your attorney. In addition, we request that you do not bring adult persons other than yourself to the appointment unless specifically requested. Your appointment is confidential between you and your attorney, and third persons will normally not be allowed to participate.