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You don’t have to be a lawyer to help! 

Volunteers can help Kentucky Legal Aid close the justice gap.  Volunteer opportunities are available at each of our office locations and at special events.  If you are interested in helping real people in real crisis, please contact us at GetInvolved@KLAid.org.  

Some examples of skills and training that would help Kentucky Legal Aid clients:  


Volunteers can answer phones, conduct client satisfaction surveys, take transcription, file and assist attorneys prepare for litigation.  Depending on prior experience and time commitment, volunteers have the opportunity to work with front line staff to become familiar with the agency and community needs, as well as work directly with staff and clients on ongoing cases and projects.   


Interpreter and translator volunteers can assist Kentucky Legal Aid to serve clients who have difficulty speaking, reading, writing or understanding the English Language.  Interpreter and translator volunteers generally work alongside our staff or volunteer attorneys assisting clients with a range of civil legal needs.  Services may include interpretation during an attorney/client consultation or translation of documents for use in litigation.  This volunteer position is flexible and generally contacted on an as-needed basis to assist with particular cases or projects.


Litigation will often require that expert or forensic assessments are completed, (i.e. business or property evaluation, computer forensics, etc.). Unfortunately, these assessments are often expensive and the low-income clientele that Kentucky Legal Aid and its Lawyers Care Volunteer Attorneys serve are unable to afford the necessary assessments.   


Mediation is often an efficient method to resolve civil legal issues, and many courts now require parties to engage a private mediator to provide this service.  Costs for mediators are often burdensome for KLA clients.  


Please contact us at GetInvolved@KLAid.org and tell us about your skills and strengths.  We’re sure you can help our clients!