Filing a Complaint

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The Long Term Care Ombudsman Program will accept complaints from anyone regarding a problem effecting someone residing in a long term care facility. The goal of The Program is to resolve problems on behalf of individual residents and groups of residents.

Ombudsman Program representatives can:

  • Discuss the problem in order to clarify changes that may be needed to resolve the concern and improve the resident's quality of life or access to quality care;
  • Provide information about the rights of facility residents and how those rights relate the resident's problem;
  • Clarify the facility's responsibilities;
  • Discuss the resources available for resolving the problem.
  • Speak on behalf of the residents to facility staff, agency representatives and policy makers.
  • Make referrals to other agencies;
  • Provide technical assistance to resident and family groups; and

The Long Term Care Ombudsman Program is NOT a regulatory enforcement agency. Regulatory violations can be reported to:

The Office of Inspector General
Division of Long Term Care
275 East Main St.
Frankfort, Kentucky 40621

The Long Term Care Ombudsman Program is NOT the official agency for reporting abuse Neglect or Exploitation in Kentucky. State law requires that these be reported to:

Division of Protection & Permanency
275 East Main St.
Frankfort Kentucky, 40621